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Formed in 2003 following a successful management buyout of Virgin Airship & Balloon Company, we are one of the UK’s leading branded hot air balloon advertising companies. Managing Director Nick Langley had been a Hot Air Balloon Operator and Commercial Pilot with Virgin ABC since 1987 and has flown branded Special Shape and Round advertising balloons for clients in Europe, Middle East, South Africa, South America and the United States. Nick was also part of Richard Branson’s last Global Challenge Balloon Team.
At Airship & Balloon Company, we specialise in the design, management and operation of branded hot air advertising balloons, which are an innovative tool for companies running commercial marketing and advertising campaigns. Our clients admit that there is nothing which compares to a branded hot air balloon marketing campaign and the direct results of these are exceptional. An advertising balloon enables you to get your marketing message and branding across to thousands of people in a memorable and innovative way, which you can’t achieve through other advertising means.
Unlike others operating in the industry, ABC provide a truly unique service which is completely tailored to your specific requirements and goals. We also ensure that working alongside us for your hot air balloon advertising campaign will be a pleasurable experience, with everyone at the company being committed to providing a warm, friendly service.
When you work alongside us, you can rest assured that you’re working with experienced and knowledgeable commercial balloon pilots who can enhance your reputation and prove invaluable to your advertising efforts. Due to our ongoing commitment of providing the perfect hot air balloon marketing solution, we have been able to work with some of the world’s biggest brands including Universal Pictures, TATA, Abbott, Clairol, DHL, Benadryl, Nokia, Lucozade, Churchill, Tesco, Cadbury, Virgin Atlantic, SEGA,, Expedia, N Power, RAC, BBC Proctor & Gamble and many more.

Managing Director - Nick Langley
Thirty years of commercial balloon flying experience, with a background of senior management in sales and marketing, guarantees that we deliver our Client's expectations and results - every time!
Operations Director - Sally Langley
Sally runs the ABC Office in Bristol, dealing with all aspects of operations and finance.

LATEST - 2017 Virgin London Marathon this weekend - look out for our balloons at the Start - live on BBC1 - including a first appearance!

Check out the latest Despicable ME3 trailer from Illumination, by clicking the button

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ABC operates the Minion Special Shape Balloons for Universal Pictures and we will be supporting the exciting new Despicable Me3 movie, to be launched Worldwide, summer 2017. The Minion Team will be back on the road again, so see where we are flying,

News ….

After 5 weeks on Standby, we flew our new Minion Balloon across the English Channel on April 7, as part of the Guinness World Record attempt. The flight was amazing and Stuart the Minion generated worldwide publicity for our Client, Universal Pictures. Thanks to the ABC Team for of your hard work - Nick Langley

Drone footage of Stuart balloon leaving England, for his trip across the Channel to France……
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