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To celebrate the latest Minion movie launch, ABC flew Stuart over London on June 7.
He created massive interest on Social Media and appeared in National Newspapers, BBC Breakfast, The Wall Street Journal and even American broadcaster ABC.
Minion Movie is available only in cinemas from June 26.

Welcome to Airship & Balloon Company Limited.

Airship & Balloon Company Limited specialise in the operation of commercial hot air balloons, where the fabric part of the balloon (the envelope) is branded, or even shaped, to promote a company's products, brands or identities.

ABC has almost
30 years experience in providing a full in-house, turn-key service for our clients; from initial design and campaign planning, through daily management and onsite operations, to final PR reporting and justification. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure that your campaign is on time, on target and is professionally executed.

This website is designed to allow you to see exactly how a branded hot air balloon, as an advertising medium, can provide a return on your investment, in a new and exciting way.

ABC also owns and operates un-branded balloons which are used, to fly TV and film crews for news programmes and documentaries – ABC holds a Civil Aviation Authority Air Operator's Certificate and we are one of the few BBC Aerial Filming Approved Contractors in the UK. ABC Flights are members of the British Association of Balloon Operators.

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