Cold air inflatable Minions
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Cold Air Inflatables

Cold air inflatables offer an alternative to the traditional hot air balloon. Airship & Balloon Company work very closely with Cameron Balloons and we have produced a number of these for Universal Pictures, to promote the Minion Movies. Earlier this year we sent a couple of these cheeky boys to Singapore, for the Rugby Sevens World Cup. The cold air inflatable cost is significantly lower than a standard hot air balloon and fills a gap, where it is impractical to free-fly, or tether, a full size balloon. The setup time is less than 10 minutes, so if you would like to know more, then please get in contact. Remember, you can't offer anyone a flight in one of these, but they can be used as a backup to a full size balloon - children love them! Cold Air Inflatables can be made at relatively short notice, as they are less complicated than a full size balloon, which currently takes 14 weeks and do not need to be Certified by the UK CAA. They just need a local 13-amp power supply, which can be mains or even a small generator. They can operate in winds of up to 15 knots and have tether tapes attached, which can be secured to ground anchors, or suitable weights.

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We have also developed an illuminated cold air inflatable, which will go into production soon.

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