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Airship & Balloon Company owns a number of un-branded balloons, which can be used for filming and TV. We regularly work with the main broadcasters and independent production companies as a balloon offers a very stable camera platform and can carry cameraman, director and presenter - something a drone can’t do! ABC holds a UK Civil Aviation Authority Air Operator Certificate and is a BBC Approved Aerial Filming Contractor - allowing them to film from our balloons.

We also have a long association with
a number of professional cameraman, including Lee Curran. Lee came to Marrakech with us, to film Richard Branson’s last Global Challenge flight for BBC and has produced our own Corporate Videos, the ‘Dog’ videos for Churchill and the Despicable Me2 video for Universal Pictures. Lee has flown with Nick Langley many times and has produced stunning aerial and ground-based images for our Clients.

At the 2019 Bristol Fiesta, we flew Photographer Nick Smith and his wife, BBC Presenter Ali Vowles. Ali produced a TV piece for BBC Points West and several interviews for her Saturday morning BBC Radio programme, during the flight.
This picture shows ABC flying a Finnish film crew, who were making a documentary with a profoundly deaf presenter, who was visiting Bristol Fiesta and wanted to experience flight in a completely new way. We had a great flight and landed with 50 other balloons at the North Somerset Showground. The programme will be broadcast later this year.
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Drone footage commissioned by ABC of the Minion special shape balloon leaving Dover for a 22 mile flight across the English Channel.

Tethered for filming.

ABC worked with Michael Flately to film this balloon, tethered above a Chateau, for a promotional video for the Feet of Flame World Tour.
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BBC Countrytracks - Ben Fogle

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BBC Autumn Watch - Martin Hughes-Gaines

The balloons are available for use in the UK and abroad, on a daily or weekly basis.

Contact Nick Langley to discuss - a site visit may be necessary.

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