Hopper Balloons

Hopper Balloons or Cloudhoppers, are small volume (between 21,000 cu.ft. and 35,000 cu.ft.) hot air balloons, that are only capable of carrying the pilot. As a result of their reduced size and therefore a need to reduce weight, the traditional wicket basket is replaced with a seat and harness.
The envelope is built in the same way as a standard, round, hot air balloon and can carry the same types of artwork. These balloons are actually slightly less weather dependant than standard hot air balloons and are capable of being tethered in much smaller spaces. They are branded using the same techniques as a standard balloon, thus allowing for a corporate brand or product to be advertised.
Hoppers are most commonly used as an alternative 'back-up' to a larger balloon (normally a special shape) for when weather conditions require a smaller balloon. Prices start at around £12,000

Stunt Marketing
Due to their reduced size, they ideal for guerrilla marketing campaigns and stunt marketing objectives. They have been successfully flown and tethered: indoors, on boats, in shopping centres and supermarket car parks and also the many hot air balloon festival, in the UK and Europe.
Airship & Balloon Company actually held the world record for 'Cloudhopper stacking' where the balloons are flown one-on-top-of-another. This record was initially set using 4 cloudhoppers by us, before we broke it by adding a 5th!

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