Minion Balloons operated by Airship & Balloon Company Ltd. for Universal Pictures

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Airship & Balloon Company operate both Minion Special Shape Balloons for Universal Pictures. The next Minion Movie : The Rise of Gru is due for release in summer 2020, so Stuart will be very busy - check in regularly to see where we will be flying.
The Cross Channel flight was the curtain-raiser for our 2017 European Tour, when we flew in UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain and Italy - plus a few surprises - to promote the brilliant Despicable Me3 movie, which launched during the summer.
Airship & Balloon Company manage branded round and special shape balloons for many well known Companies and would love to work with you. Please contact Nick Langley to discuss the massive Social Media and PR opportunities which balloon sponsorship can offer.

Stuart is on his way to Japan, to take part in the amazing Saga International Balloon Fiesta, which is celebrating its 40th. Year .

We will be posting lots of picture on the Airship and Balloon Company Instagram account @airshipballooncompany so do check it out.
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Universal Pictures have commissioned 4 hot air balloons, so far, to promote the Despicable Me Movies AND more than 50 cold air inflatables like the ones above!
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Stuart flying in Taiwan in 2018 - landing next to his favourite food - BANANAS!
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The Minion Team were on the road for our 2017 European Tour.

Events which we attended included -

June 9 - 11, Balloonfestival Bonn, Germany
June 23 - 24, Balloonhappening 2017, Waregem, Belgium
June 6 - 9, European Balloon Festival, Igualada, Spain,
July 21 - 23, Lorraine Mondial Air Balloons, Metz, France
July 27 - 30, International Grand Prix, Todi, Italy
August 10 - 13, Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, UK
August 25- 27, Twente Balloon Festival, Oldenzaal, Netherlands
September 1 - 3, Sint Niklaas Balloon Meet, Belgium,
September 5 - 7, Warstein Balloon Meet, Germany
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After 5 weeks on standby, we did it!
Stuart the Minion crossed the English Channel to France on Friday April 7, as part of the Guinness World Record Flight. Congratulations to everyone who took part and the the ABC Team, Sue, Robin, Graham and Nick, who made it happen for Illumination and Universal Pictures.

Drone footage of Stuart balloon leaving England, for his trip across the Channel to France……

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# In Cinemas, Worldwide, summer 2017.

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