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Balloon Hire | Airship & Balloon Company Ltd.

Balloon hire from Airship & Balloon Company. This now forms an important service which Airship & Balloon Company offers customers. ABC owns 4 un-branded hot air balloons which can be made available on a daily or weekly basis, for weddings, parties, filming and corporate functions. The balloon can free-fly staff or guests, or can be tethered for promotional purposes. We can produce banners with your business logo or personal message, which can then be attached to one of our hot air balloons. The banners are made by Cameron Balloons and look as if they are truly part of the hot air balloon, as shown with the Shield balloon at a Family Day, in Bath. The balloon can be tethered at your chosen event and there are always great reactions from guests and clients when they see the hot air balloon in the grounds of the event.

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Balloon banners can be any design and each one is around 5 metres high and 10 metres wide. They cost from £1,800 per banner + artwork.
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Balloon banners and basket branding can transform a plain balloon in to a large, temporary advertising hoarding for one-off promotions.

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You can even book one of our hot air balloons for the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, for the whole weekend for private, or corporate flights.
We have tethered hot air balloons at a number of weddings, in the UK and Ireland and wedding guests can often be taken up on tethered flights, which always adds some extra “wow” to any wedding! As a guest said about one wedding we tethered at, “They even had a hot air balloon!”
Tethering a hot air balloon effectively is a specialist skill and we have 30 years of tethering balloons for commercial and private events. We only employ highly experienced pilots, so we know you will have a safe and professional experience.

For your personal or corporate event, please do contact us to discuss.
Prices from £2,000 + VAT per half day + Travel Costs.
nick@airshipandballoon.com - a site visit may be necessary.

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Email: nick@airshipandballoon.com

82, Henbury Road,
Bristol BS10 7AA

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