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Balloon Marketing | Tour Management

Balloon marketing - a full ‘turn key’ service for ABC customers. Airship & Balloon Company is a hot air balloon operator and we work in the same way as an advertising agency. Our Clients are given a single point of contact for the duration of the Contract for managing your hot air balloon. This ensures that there is a continual flow of information in both directions during a marketing campaign. It also means that changes in campaign direction can be easily managed. This service is provided through a balloon management fee, which covers: campaign strategy, hot air balloon design, construction co-ordination, full client liaison, office administration for day-to-day balloon activity, flight activity reports, client meetings, secure storage of balloon equipment, continued aircraft airworthiness, Civil Aviation Authority Certification Renewal and balloon maintenance reports. Airship & Balloon Company have over 30 years experience as a hot air balloon operator, which includes, marketing and management and as such are well placed to advice Clients on the various and wide ranging events, flights and locations which your hot air balloon can attend, to promote your brand or product.

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Imaging on the vehicle and trailer is essential, so that while your special shape hot air balloons are grabbing attention in the sky, your company name is also visible in towns and the countryside. During an average hot air balloon flight, the retrieve vehicle will drive around 30 miles, so ensuring it is fully liveried is a must. It transports the balloon crew to the landing site and returns the team, passengers and balloon back to the launch site after the flight.

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Pilot and Crew
The pilot and crew, will be on site acting as ambassadors every time your balloon is operated; through the use of corporate clothing - flying suits or sweatshirts/polo shirts - we ensure that your name/logo is always displayed in a professional manner that maximises every exposure opportunity.
Image exposure can be a subtle logo, or large scale embroidered imagery.
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Basket wraps
Through the use of a logo banner wrapped around the basket and burner support covers we ensure that all advertising and campaign messages are visible even when the envelope isn't - particularly useful with TV interviews.
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Tour Management

Airship and Balloon Company handle all aspects of balloon tour management, including local permissions with CAA and Governments. We use road transport in Europe, with Land Rover Discovery and trailer as our favoured combination. We also use airfreight to Africa and Asia and occasionally, we use sea transport, such as the images below which show one of our balloons travelling to the Channel Island of Sark, for a photo-shoot for our Client.

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Operational Backup. Airship & Balloon Company can arrange purchase or hire, of all associated hot air balloon equipment including baskets, burners, tanks, trailers and retrieve vehicles, maintained to the highest standard. As part of our balloon management, we can also advise on all opportunities to brand the hot air balloon equipment, for example the retrieve vehicle, balloon trailer, crew uniform and balloon basket. Our experience in operating hot air balloons worldwide gives Airship & Balloon Company's Clients the chance to adapt the balloon kit and the hot air balloon to the country in which we are operating. For example. during our management of the Despicable Me2 European Hot Air Balloon Tour, we were able to change the language on the banners of the balloon envelope and basket depending on the Country in which the Minion balloon was appearing. We work closely with the largest supplier of 4x4 hire vehicles in the UK and can supply unbranded and branded vehicles at short notice. ABC can also supply a range of audio and communication equipment via Location Sound

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