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Hot Air Balloon Festivals | Using Your Balloon

When your balloon has been built and delivered you need to fly it at one of the large hot air balloon festivals. To ensure maximum benefit from your investment in a balloon, it needs to work hard and ABC, as a leading balloon operator, has been using branded hot air balloons for marketing, for over 30 years, so we know what works and what doesn’t work. We have attended hot air balloon festivals all over the world and have established excellent contacts to ensure that your balloon benefits from maximum publicity and exposure. The TV and Social Media reach which hot air balloons can achieve, is astonishing!

Hot Air Balloon Festivals are held throughout Europe, from January until November and give brands a unique opportunity to target and interact with, members of the public on a massive scale. As a leading hot air balloon operator, ABC attends many of these festivals and other long established balloons events and corporate functions. Other large hot air balloon festivals are held outside of Europe in Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico and the United States.

For example, The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta has been held annually since 1979. It is the largest annual free hot air balloon event in Europe and Airship & Balloon Company has been a balloon operator there for almost 40 years for our clients. Special Shape hot air balloons, such as Stuart the Minion are often stars of the show and we can highly recommend attending the event with you branded hot air balloon, as part of your brands' advertising campaign. Bristol Balloon Fiesta regularly attracts over 500,000 visitors and in 2018 had a media reach, to include print, online and broadcast, of over 284.8 Million and it therefore the perfect place for most advertising campaigns! Please visit our news page for an overview of Bristol Fiesta and our marketing successes. If you are interested in being part of this or any of the many other successful hot air balloon events in the UK and indeed Worldwide, then please do contact us
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Airship & Balloon Company manage the hot air balloon operation at the Start of the London Marathon on Blackheath Common, each October. Many major brands, including Virgin Money, Lucozade, Holiday Inn, TATA, Abbott and Audible, benefit from this major marketing exercise where 50,000 runners and a huge TV audience in over 30 countries watch the race live on BBC TV and see your branded hot air ballon, in their own home!
Hot air balloons have been used as a promotional tool ever since they were invented in France in 1783. The first hot air balloon was, after all, branded in homage to the King.
Imagine for a moment how many people will see your balloon if it flies over a major city: 50,000 or maybe 100,000 people, then think about how, with the right PR programme, your balloon can appear in traditional media outlets, as well as huge interest created on Social Media. Then add to that the opportunity to fly staff, clients and customers, the marketing and advertising appeal of hot air balloons becomes apparent.
How many forms of advertising can you name that the public will drive many miles just to photograph, or which the press will happily give print space and air time to for free? A branded hot air balloon can get your brand image, or name, on TV, free of charge!

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